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tv   America Live  FOX News  January 31, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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be here. thanks for joining us, everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert from florida, where primary voting is in full swing now with less than 7 hours until the last polls close in the biggest contest of the republican campaign to date. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. we have a jam-packed two hours for you today with all you need to know about today's primary and what is driving the vote. the remaining candidates facing a diverse electorat where housing, and taking care of our sr. are all hot topics. skwraoeupbg me is brit hume. joining me is brit hume. what is driving the voters and does that translate to the electorate down the line.
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>> reporter: obviously this is a big state with a lot of different ethnic groups and diverse interests. it's a state hit hard by the housing crisis and a state unemployment hovering around 10%. it looks like a lot of the rest of the country and obviously the results here will be noted for that reason. i have to say, megyn this campaign really hasn't been about issues, it's been about personalities to an extraordinary extent. megyn: even at the debates it wasn't about social security or medical care. it was, what is his experience at freddie mac and he is antiimmigrant. does that appeal to the electorat? does that appeal to those voters. >> reporter: they all belong to the same party for a reason. they think alike. candidates make a big effort in the primary campaigns to try to make the differences between them seem big, but the differences between them on the issues are not very big and it's kind of hard at times to argue over them.
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it's the natural result that they end up arguing about each other's records and personalities, which is what we've seen. i suppose you can say newt gingrich made an issue about kosher food in massachusetts. megyn: which he did. >> reporter: and romney makes an issue with gingrich out of his record as speaker and when he was -- megyn: and he wants to make the moon a 51st state. >> reporter: the moon and the kosher food vote veto were as close as you got to a big fight on issues you had never heard before. megyn: little dings in the armor do they hurt the candidate whoever is going to be in the context of the general election? >> reporter: they hurt for the moment. the question always is whether the damage lasts, or whether what happens is that the candidate who got dinged develops a defense on that issue and is ready and fluid with it by the time it may come again from the opposing party if the
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candidate wins the nomination. my own sense of this is that mitt romney to cite one is a better candidate for the battle he's been n. he was notably better when perry got in and zoomed to the top of the polls back in iowa. he sharpened his performances if his debates and did better. he attacked perry as well. after new hampshire i think the romney campaign gave up gingrich for dead, he finished fifth. gingrich made an extraordinary recovery in south carolina. romney was not sharp in the debates there. different story this week, romney was aggressive, he did so without being impolite, really, he was tough, i think it's helped him. megyn: gingrich says win or lose in florida he's going forward, he's going to be in this thing until the convention. is that realistic. >> reporter: he can stay in indefinitely and live off the fat of the land and go to debates and run a low voltage campaign. the question will be will he have enough money to mount a serious effort in the big states
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coming up. super tuesday you've got to campaigning in a whole slew of states. megyn: he's going to call sheldon, the vegas guys. >> reporter: the vegas guys gives him money. the question is how long will he keep giving him money and whether he gives him money all at once. he may pledge $5 million, say, but my guess is that he'll probably give him some and see how it goes, and give him some more. megyn: sheldon seems like a good person to know. >> reporter: he's a guy you want to have be your friend. megyn: hi, sheldon. >> reporter: i don't know him but i'm trying to arrange an introduction. megyn: you can email me if you'd like to meet brit, sheldon at kelly megyn: look at this chart. florida is the blue line, the u.s. is the green line, then just last month the unemployment rate dropped below 10% in the sunshine state for the first time in three years. the state's housing market tries
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to rebound after the housing crash. the medium price for a home in place under $120,000. that is down 53% from the peak of the housing market back in 2006. they have really suffered down there when it comes to housing. and keep it right here, folks, on fox news, coverage of the florida primary throughout the day, and then our special coverage kicks off tonight at 6:00pm eastern with special report, that show mr. hume used to host, now my friend bret baier hosts it. shep will be on and we will be live as the polls close in florida. fox news is america's election headquarters. we hope you spend the evening with us. this is fox news alert, we are expecting a white house briefing to begin any moment now. we expect to get reaction on the new congressional budget office report just released this morning. the numbers are disturbing. this report predicts a $1.1 trillion budget deficit this year. it is the fourth straight deficit larger than a trillion
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dollars under this administration. the report also predicts that the economy's output will remain below its potential until 2018, at least six years from right now. it predicts unemployment will likely be stuck above 8% for at least the next two years, and food stamp spending will rise to $80 billion this year. these numbers have big implications across the board especially in an election year. we'll take a deeper look into that next hour. oakland city officials are now looking at new ways to prevent violent protests. this weekend fresh slashes erupted between police and hundreds of occupy protestors. the protestors threw rocks and bottles at officers, and broke into and vandalized city hall and burning an american flag. they are thinking of issuing stay away orders from over a hundred protestors to prevent
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them from going back to the park or possibly downtown oakland all together. there are new questions over whether those protests may have led a teenager to murder his own parents. a mother had complained to coworkers about her son spending so much time with the occupy protestors. police are looking for a connection. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: the d.a. says that 15-year-old has now confessed to killing his parents. they adopted him when he was five years old, and there are a number of reports that 15-year-old was spending a significant amount of time with the occupy oakland movement, and that was causing some friction within the family, but now family members coming out saying that is not why these murders happened. the dad, robert cayman was a clinical psychologist who worked with inmates at the san francisco county jail, the mom, susan, a well-known physician's assistant who helped substance abusers get clean. police say it appears the mom
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was killed first, that she was strangled. the father was then apparently beaten to death, both bodies placed in the back of the family car. the car was then lit on fire. here now is one of mom's coworkers, listen. >> those of us who knew susan knew she was struggling with a teen, but nothing unusual, certainly no expression of fearing or anything like that. >> reporter: the d.a. will not talk about any motive or possible motive but charges should be filed really any time in the next several minutes. the d.a. now says that he will be charged as an adult in his first court appearance, and it is scheduled for later this afternoon. megyn: thank you. the white house yesterday took questions about this latest round of protests by the occupy movement. >> our position has been and continues to be that we need to
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balance first amendment concerns of the right to demonstrate, the right to speak freely, with public safety concerns. megyn: as the violence ramps up the white house is seeming to take a pass on condemning the rioters. that comment there was about the d.c. occupy protestors. we'll play you what he said about the oakland protestors as well and we'll look into whether they should be doing more just ahead. one time pets, massive pythons like this one running rampant in the florida everglades. note to self, don't glow to the florida everglades. we are getting new warnings of what could happen if these things stay on the lose. they are talking about these things being able to kill a deer, these pythons. breaking news on a new bail introduced to protect catholic churches of a major provision of the health overhaul. this happened an hour ago, we got news of the effort to protect catholics with new
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legislation. the president of the catholic league joins us live in three minutes. >> this is not about cost, there is nobody out in the street saying, oh, my god, where can i get nikon come. you can walk down in new york city and get it for free from mayor bloomberg. this is all about trying to shove a secular situation down the throat of catholics.
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megyn: fox news alert, a new effort to turn back a part of president obama's healthcare reform. new legislation has just been introduced that would exempt religious organizations from compliance with some parts of the law. we told you about this last week. florida senator marco rubio just introduced this legislation. now it would allow religious or faith-based employers to opt out of the mandate that insurance plans must cover contraceptives, sterilization and some controversial measures that the catholic organizations object to. bill donahue is president of the catholic league and he joins me
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live. bill, you were here last week saying that thisas not going to go away. since your visit it's only got even more controversial. the president was under pressure from groups like now. catholic organizations. schools, universities, and so onto make them cover contraception for their employed with no co-pay, and the president said, i'll do it. they were going to have to do it as of august. right now today they still have to. and there was a push back from the catholic church this weekend. >> i think that is right. when i was in church on sunday to the 10:00 mass on long island most of the who them are quite generic. they don't want to offend anyone in the pew. they read from a splendid letter that was pointed about the threat to religious liberty that is unprecedented that we've seen in this country coming from one administration. he got a standing ovation.
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that doesn't normally happen in most churches. i got a letter today from a bishop in the midwest, as someone who is just about to turn 65 i never dreamed that america or the state of illinois could become so hostile to the catholic faith. he's a great bishop. i've never seen anything like it. they are lining up single file. quite frankly we are going to take the fight to the obama administration. i don't know why they are trying to use an election year, to me it's political suicide, but it's his choice. lay catholics that normally don't agree on issues, liberals and conservatives are coming together because the central issue is not contraception, it's not even abortion although that's what it's really about, it's about religious liberty. i'm getting calls from jews and pros ta and more moneys, and they say they stand with us, because we know they are going to be next. god bless marco rubio for coming forth with this bill he's a great man.
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megyn: some of it was written into the healthcare law saying you didn't have to do it under certain circumstances, that exempts churches and other things. but it's not broad enough to exempt organizations. if you're a catholic hospital the only way that you can now avoid having to pay for contraception for your employees is if you turn away anyone who is not catholic -- you have to start exclude all noncatholics and then maybe you'll fall within the exepl son. senator rubi exemption. >> reporter: if you hire and service people of your own faith you get the exemption. the word catholic with a small c means universal. one of the nice things about my religion is we don't discriminate now we are getting punished because we actually service people. i used to work in harlem teaching african-americans, most
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of whom were protestant. are we being told that we are serving too many people other than catholics and we don't qualify for an exemption? >> this is so extraordinary to have priests across the country take to the pulpit over the weekend and to read letters to their constituents saying in some cases and i quote, the church cannot and we will not comply with this unjess law. i have never heard anything like that from my priest in my 41 years, bill. you tell me, obama carries 54% of the catholic vote last time around, 2008. how does this impact the president in an election year? >> reporter: he made a major mistake. if he's a few weeks out from the election he wins. he loses now because too many catholics are aware of it. if i saw the reaction of the people in my church, which is not a very conservative or liberal, kind of mainstream catholic church, and the response of the people is incredible and people recognize me coming out of church saying, we are with you, we'll sign
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petitions, we'll go to a march, a rally. they really hit the third rail. they talk about social security being the third rail, religious liberty. when you push people of faith and you tell them the government is going to knock down the wall of separation of church and state and over reach like the obama administration, you've got a war on your hands. megyn: it's not just about contraception, yes the catholic church doesn't believe in contraception but it's about more than that. it's about government telling a catholic or a religious organization what it can and cannot do within the -- under the umbrella of the rule of law. that is allowed under certain circumstances. you can't do certain things in the catholic church that you couldn't do on the street. but do you think this goes farther? does this take it a step farther. >> reporter: it does. these why i'm getting all the support from the noncacatholics. every religion has it's peculiar things compared to some other
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religion. we live in a society where we say, these are the tenants of a world religious body, no one asked you to join, if you don't like it you can always leave but we should respect them. instead we have the succes secularists acting like extremists saying we really don't believe in the wall of the separation of church and state. you're always accusing my side of violating it, they are the ones that violated it. they want the secular government to dictate to the catholic church that your prerogatives don't stand. we'll see mr. obama i don't think you're going to win on this one. megyn: thank you, sir all the best. a mother abandons her two young keurbgsdz age 2 and 4 at a gas station. that mother is found 12 hours later wandering aimlessly. she is facing charges of child abuse, but she claims it's not her fault. we'll take that case up in "kelly's court," along with an
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expert witness in today's court. plus, we're just getting new details from the dramatic scene of a deadly pileup in florida, the unbelievable 911 calls as this thing unfolded just ahead. >> here comes another one. >> oh, my god he's coming too fast. >> he's coming too fast. here comes another one. there he goes. >> oh. [bleep] that one is a bad done are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: 911 calls released by florida police reveal a horrific scene at a deadly highway pileup. at least ten people were killed in the chain reaction accident. police say fog and smoke from a brush fire cut visibility to
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almost zero. witnesses trapped in their cars were forced to watch powerless as the horror unfolded. trace gallagher live in l.a. with more. trace. >> reporter: and you have to remember, megyn, that when the rescue teams arrived on scene the smoke and the fog was so thick that they couldn't see. they had to listen for the screams and the moans of the victims and kind of feel their way around to find them. listen now to one of the 911 calls at the very beginning of this chain reaction crash, you'll hear how this tragedy gets progressively worse. listen. >> 911 what is the address of the emergency. >> um, i think we're on the 75, i75. >> yes. >> i can't see anything it's so dense, the fog is so dense i think we just hit a guardrail. i think there was another accident behind us because we heard it. >> another accident. oh, my gosh. >> what just happened, tell me what happened.
1:25 pm
>> another accident, another accident going northbound. >> okay. >> we can't see, we cannot see, it's like impossible to see. the haze is very thick, you can probably see only your head in front. i do hear a ambulance or police officer coming down the road. >> reporter: you heard her say an ambulance and police officer coming down the road. we'll jump ahead about 30 seconds forward of that very same call, megyn. listen to this part, it's 35 seconds long but in that time you will see how many crashes there are. listen close. >> oh, my god, what is going on. >> we are getting help out there, okay? >> oh, my goodness. >> how many vehicles have been involved that you've seen so far. >> we cannot see, ma'am, we cannot see. this is the third one already. another one. four. >> that's four vehicles involv
1:26 pm
involved? >> ma'am, ma'am, this is the tenth one now. >> how many vehicles. >> yes, ma'am. >> how many vehicles. >> 16. >> reporter: emergency 35 seconds they went from three crashes to 16 crashes. ten people were killed, we just checked, seven people remain hospitalized today. again they still really don't know the cause of that brush fire that caused all the smoke, but they say there was no lightning in the area, so they believe it was a human-caused fire. amazing sound. megyn: it's just terrifying to think of the poor folks going in there to their deaths and not having any idea what was around the bend. trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: other news, the white house yesterday took some pointed questions about the violent occupy protests that we've seen in oakland, and a new showdown in washington d.c. the white house response, and the debate it has unleashed
1:27 pm
next. plus, sam lahood who is the son of transportation secretary ray lahood one of the americans trapped in egypt. they are not being let out by the country. a bigger issue may be shaping up with that country now. former u.n. ambassador john bolton will join me live on the future of a critical mideast peace treaty. and snakes, big ones, running wild in florida. these former pets are deadly to anything that moves. would you look at this picture. now new warnings about what could happen if they are not stopped. ♪ okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb
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...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. megyn: we are going through a spraoeutsing new study by the congressional budget office today that shows government workers earn on average 16% more than private sector workers. and there is more. federal pay is costing taxpayers $200 billion a year. joining me now fox business reporter elizabeth mcdonald. >> reporter: this was a surprising study from the nonpartisan congressional budget office. as you point out it basically shows that federal workers earn 16% more in total compensation than private sector workers, that includes salary, retiree
1:32 pm
and health benefits. so across the board, no matter what your education, degree, all the way up until the professional or doctorate level you're going to see basically a big swing and a difference between what federal workers earn versus what the private sector earn. here is what is driving the difference, it's benefits, it's notably retiree benefits the study noting that federal workers basically get both 401k and defined pension plans. basic private sector workers do not get on average more pension plans or have pension plans. what the study is also showing too is that basically the federal workforce has grown since january of 2009. 140,000 more federal workers in the federal government now but it's benefits, not wages that it driving the big difference between what federal workers get and what the private sector worker gets. back to you, megyn. megyn: liz mcdonald, thank you. >> reporter: sure. megyn: the white house raising
1:33 pm
eyebrows after press secretary jay carney fielded a question about the chaotic occupy wall street riots. the question came after protests in oakland took an ugly turn this weekend. demonstrators attacking police throwing rocks and bottles, vandalizing public property and even burning american flags. a reporter asked mr. carney if the protestors were taking things too far. take a listen to his reaction. >> what is your reaction, and is the administration concerned that some of these protestors are taking things too far? >> well, with regards to oakland, that is obviously a local law enforcement matter. here in washington i would refer you for specifics to the u.s. national park service and the u.s. park police, and our position has been and continues to be that we need to balance
1:34 pm
first amendment concerns of the right to demonstrate, the right to speak freely, with public safety concerns and public health concerns. and we understand that local law enforcement, as well as in this case the national park service and u.s. park police are weighing those considerations when they make these decisions, and that is appropriate. megyn: joining me now leslie marshal a syndicated talk show host and fox news contributor. and lars larson also a syndicated talk show host. let me start with you, lars, did jay carney drop the ball on that. >> he sure did. this would be an easy one you would think for somebody like the president or spokesman to condemn, to say that obviously it's going too far, obviously it's putting human life at risk, both the people who live in oakland, the police officers who have to respond to this. but remember, his boss is that old community organizer. he probably likes a little rumbling in the streets. the thing is, these are people who have never hesitated to
1:35 pm
condemn the tea party for all of the free speech that's done peaceably, and productively and without arrests and violence. when it comes to this kind of thing in oakland they can't condemn it, they couldn't say butter if they had a mouth full and it's shameful that carney and his boss couldn't do something about it. they could publicly condemn it and leslie could do it too. megyn: the president got in trouble for weighing in on a law enforcement matter in massachusetts with the police officer and it resulted in the beer summit. do you think he's just gun shy now about choosing sides or is this something bigger and more widespread that he should speak to? >> actually, i think it's a bit of both. because this is an as if occupy wall street is doing this in the even comthe inch comp meants, in oakland, dc, et cetera. i visited the occupy movement and there was no violence.
1:36 pm
the most violence of the protests, certainly violence is not peaceable assembly that is wrong. i do not condone it, lars, if that makes you happy, back from vacation we missed you. >> i'm thrilled. >> in addition the president, the president has to walk a fine line, not just because it's an election year, megyn you know this as an attorney we need all the facts. i mean the police are saying one thing, one of the protestors were saying they were arrested illegally. violence is wrong but there needs to be facts before jay carney speaks out of turn. megyn: we had a protester say we did nothing violent the police unleashed teargas on us. without everything, you know, discovered and on the table about exactly what led to what, should the white house be weighing in on it? >> sure. they should. i think you can tell from a distance, you look at what is going on there. i understand that there may be questions of the specific response of officers on the scene.
1:37 pm
the fact is the president and his spokesman could come out and say, we decry any kind of violence like this. peaceable assembly and free speech which jay carney went to as the excuse for this stuff is not an excuse for this kind of behavior. and the president who should be setting the tone for the country should have no problem condemn th-g kind of behavior that forces the police into a position where they have to respond, they have to keep order. the fact is these protestors know that they are provoking this kind of response. you know they are doing it deliberately to make a point to get on the news, to get whatever message out that they are trying to get out. megyn: leslie, does it change anything for you that it's not just a clash between folks on the street but in oakland they broke into city hall according to the reports, they smashed glass display cases, we have pictures of them burning the american flag. i mean clearly things are getting out of control out there. you know, you can argue about your right to protest but things are getting out of control out there. should the white house, as
1:38 pm
somebody who has spoken repeatedly about the 99% and talked about how we have to let them know we understand their struggles, this is talking about the occupy folks. we have to let them know we understand their struggles, we are on their side and so on, should he now take the opportunity to say, hold on, we don't vandalize, we don't upset community property, vandalize city hall and you don't go after police officers? >> if the facts show that all of that that we are being given pieces of right now is true, no question. however -- megyn: what about the pictures of burning the american flag? do -- >> i personally would never burn the american flag but it is an american's right to do whether they are on occupy wall street protest error not. megyn: it's a right but should the president be staying neutral on it, saying look, let's dial it back, let's dial back the rhetoric, let's dial back the incendiary behavior so to speak. >> i don't believe the president
1:39 pm
should comment on the burning of the american flag because it is covered. >> you have to be kidding me leslie. >> why should the president comment on the burning of the american flag. if it weren't occupy wall street you won't even care. >> i'll tell you why, burning the american flag is wrong, it is not i will league arblgs it is technically free speech, but it is wrong and the president should speak out. given his backed and the church went to in choi i'm not surprised he doesn't speak out against burning the american flag. in his heart of hearts what do you think he believes having listen to reverend wright for 20 years. he sat there and listened to an anti-american. megyn: he wants to burn american flags. >> he sat in the pew for 20 years analyst toned that kind of garbage. why would he be unhappy about burning the american flag. megyn: we need to have a meaningful debate over whether he should be condemning what we are seeing in oakland. >> why isn't he? megyn: you answer that leslie, why isn't he? >> yeah? >> why isn't the president condemning the burning of the american flag, lars?
1:40 pm
because what he was told in a pulpit. i still believe in separation of church and state. i love you, get off the grassy noel. >> give me one reason why he's not con tkeplg it. >> i am not connecting the dots there. >> give me one reason he doesn't condemn it. see, megyn she does haven't a reason. >> i don't feel the president of the united states should condemn an action that the constitution allows each and every american the freedom to do, however repulsive i might find that action. that is the freedom of every american, including you and i to do and the president should not condemn it. megyn: the white house has said what it has said, and we'll let the viewers decide. leslie and lars, thank you so much. >> thanks, megyn. >> thanks, megyn. megyn: serious new concerns about what is next in the middle east as egypt first refuses to release a group of americans, we give them a billion dollars in aid every year and they are refusing to relows our citizens. and now they are complaining about a critical peace treaty with israel.
1:41 pm
ambassador bolton warned this could happen. he's here next. and this mother abandons her two young children leaving them all alone inside of a car. now that she's been charged with child abuse she is claiming she doesn't remember a thing. should we believe her? that, plus an expert witness in "kelly's court." and the number crunchers today predicted a trillion dollar deficit for the first year in a row, over a trillion, and the news gets worse from there. at the top of the hour when this means for the economy and the president's re-election effort. >> we can choose another four years with the same reckless fiscal policies that have busted our budget and wreaked havoc on your economy and more tkpwapbld oumortgaged our childrens' future with mountains of debtor we can exercise some fiscal responsibility.
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megyn: new concerns today about what is going on in egypt.
1:45 pm
first it banness americans from leaving the country, including the son of transportation secretary ray lahood. and then in the middle that of crisis we are reading some reports that the new leadership wants to take a new look at the critical camp david accords. that has got israel rather concerned. joining us now, john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor. ambassador i know you're too polite to say you told us so. you warned us about exactly this when we were watching the arab spring. now there are some reports that they are looking into -- or at least some faction in control in egypt are looking to reevaluate the relationship with israel. put it in perspective. >> parliament dominates 70, 75 seats in the lower house held by the brother muslim hood or more extremist islamist groups they'd like to see camp david eliminated entirely. there is a presidential election coming up in egypt where some of
1:46 pm
the so-called moderate candidates have said camp david needs to be substantially revised. what they mean is basically eliminating the core of it, the land for peace concept. i would say camp david is on life support at this point f. that breaks down between egypt and israel the cornerstone of american policy since 1979 comes unstuck we've got real trouble. megyn: that is sort of the lid on the boiling kettle that is the middle east in terms of our relationships over there, if that comes off and israel and egypt, the camp david accords are out the wind could he how does that affect the united states? >> i think it has a very dramatic potential effect. if the strategic situation for israel shifts and the egyptian military in the sinai peninsula are right up the border of israel or the sinai peninsula deteriorates into a transit root for terrorists the threat that hamas poses from gaza becomes much greater and the risk of a military confrontation with egypt itself becomes greater.
1:47 pm
jordan will have to change its treaty with israel. it can't watch egypt change its treaty and not do the same thing, and the over call situation gets much more complicated, all of which further complicated by iran's progress toward nuclear weapons. megyn: even though we know that the muslim brotherhood obviously doesn't have any love lost for israel? why would they do this? they know they'll jeopardize their relationship with the united states. they need that billion dollars a year that we give them. why would they be so bold. >> they hope oupbd the owe obama administration they can cut camp david, keeping the form in place but changing the substance and keep the money. fundamentally this is because this is what they believe. hosni mubarak told us for years that only he stood between the muslim brotherhood taking over egypt and keeping camp david and people scoffed at it, they said it's just a just my indication for his repression of civil liberties. turns out hosni mubarak was
1:48 pm
right he was the only thing between us and the muslim brotherhood and they are about to take power. megyn: we are told that the muslim brotherhood isn't the one we were warned about. they were more moderate and we didn't need to worry about them in egypt once they took over because they were prowestern than othe some of the other muslim brotherhood colleagues. >> in the 1930s and 40s they said you don't have to worry about the chinese communists, they are just reformers. if they take over china it's no big deal these people are radical, and they are not the most radical in the parliament. primarily from a u.s. strategic point of view they are going to have a very different policy toward israel and perhaps tord us as well. megyn: when you look at the billion dollars we give egypt every year, now they are doing this nonsense with not letting the americans leave the country, ten americans not leave the country. the state department says it's
1:49 pm
reviewing the aid because of what they are doing. should we not yank that aid so we still have the hammer to use over egypt if something really big unfolds with respect to israel? >> you can only pull the aid once. once you reduce it to zero you've used your leverage and there are a number of things that are of concern. with respect to not letting these people out, you know that is a predicate to to arresting them and trying them. i think the state department behind the scenes should be all over the government of egypt. this is a huge mistake from their point of view and i can imagine congress acting even if the administration doesn't want to. you can't do this to american citizens, and that is the fundamental purpose of government overseas to protect americans from exactly this kind of thing. so it's a symbol, i think, of how frayed the relationship with egypt is getting, when they are withholding exit permits for our citizens, including most notably to show how foolish they are, the secretary of transportation. that is going to get the president's attention. megyn: right. you mess with the child of a cabinet member you've at least got to take note in the
1:50 pm
administration and they apparently are. ambassador bolton thank you. >> thank you. megyn: breaking news ahead on the growing showdown between catholic church head tkers and the obama administration over changes to the healthcare overhaul. you saw our segment with bill donahue. the white house has just weighed in on this. plus, we heard the first warnings three years ago, abandoned pet snakes growing to 18 feet in the ever blades, they are no cute when you first get them. eating everything in their path. in three minutes the wildlife folks are take it to a new level. the blast from the past the new super bowl ad that steals a page from ferris beuller's day off. >> broderick, you have excellent taste in automobiles.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
>> this is deli delilia, she is 17-years-old and a massive python. lieutenant jeff hudson fish and wildlife was called out because of concerns from neighbors. they did not have a permit and the cage was substandard. the owner's brother says there is nothing to be worried about. >> she is no threat at all. i would be more worried about a cat or a dog. megyn: yeah that guy is walking it down the street now with a little leash. here you so delilia. the first warnings came out in 2009. pythons were being dumped in the florida everglades after getting two big to be pets. snakes have been feeding on entire pop hraeugtss of
1:55 pm
raccoons, possiblpopulation of raccoons, bobcats. this is a problem. >> reporter: they are being dumped by their owners who can't really have them in the small cages or they might have exkaeupld from exotic pet shops during hurricane andrew. they have been reproducing in mass numbers. they believe in the florida everglades there are tens of thousands of these things. they get up to 26 feet long, 200 pounds. they can swallow animals as big as an alligator. they suffocate their prey. scientists for the past 8 years have been driving around the florida everglades looking for animals. what they are not seeing is what is really staggering. compared to a site study done in the mid 1990s. they say the number of raccoons are down 99%. possums down 98%.
1:56 pm
white tail deer down 94%. bobcats down 87%. more then. they are saying this whole thing is altering the food chain. bobcats and foxess they eat rabbits. they didn't see a single fox or rabbit in the eight years they did the study. the belief is the pythons are georgeing on all the rabbits and getting fatter and tpaert. there is a good side to the whole food chain thing because raccoons eat eggs, that is a good thing for the alligators and the turtles. megyn: i'm so freaked out, i don't even know where to begin. 200-pound python waiting for you in the florida everglades, you and your family and pets. thanks, trace the number crunchers today predicted a trillion dollar deficit for the fourth year in a row. what this means for the economy and what it could mean for the president's re-election effort, stay tuned. >> the way bush has done it over the last eight years is to takeout a credit card from the
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
megyn: the white house weighing in on new predictions that we'll run another trillion dollar deficit this year for the fourth year in a row. i'm megyn kelly. the report predicts the economy's output will remain below its potential until 2018. unemployment is predicts will be stuck above 8% for at least 2 years and food stamp spending will rise $80 billion. this despite vows from president obama to reduce america's red ink. >> the problem is the way bush has don'ted the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the
2:01 pm
name our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion from the first 43 presidents. number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome. we now have over $9 trillion much debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. we can choose another four years with the same reckless fiscal policies that busted our budget and wreaked havoc on our economy and mort gaged our children's future with mountains of debt. >> the schools that aren't repairing our children and the mountain of debt they stand to inherit. megyn: matt mccall and chris
2:02 pm
stirewalt. gentlemen, welcome. the numbers are really staggering. we are heading for over a trillion dollars in 2012. it was 1.4 trillion in 2009. the largest deficit recorded before all this was $458 billion in 2008 just to give the viewers perspective on how large these numbers are. give us the broad brush perspective. you have the a.p. using terms like alarming and perilous. >> i think we are walking on a tightrope. we are coming out of the worst recession we have seen in decades. now this path with four straight years of mind-blog deficits. if you read the report, it looks as if you can take away some of the good expectations, it could get much worse going forward.
2:03 pm
only 1.1% on the gdp. we pull off this tightrope and go back on a double-dip recession. megyn: you have the white house coming out to speak to this saying we are rebound. we hit bottom when we took office in january of '09. they say as far as the debt numbers, they say it takes bipartisanship to get rid of those and the republicans are failed on that front. >> the irony for the president is as people move away from thinking about the economy in terms of crisis and thinking of it as a new normal. my colleague would call it a growth recession, you are not quite getting the number down, but people aren't in total turmoil. people have the time to worry more about debt and deficit. they think about these issues
2:04 pm
more. when we look at top concerns for voters, debt and deficit has climbed up over the obama years and remains in the top tier of concerns with the economy. megyn: it's usually number two. >> it's something republicans can continue to hammer the president on. it's a well crafted response well made for mitt romney as the presumptive nominee, that's what democrats think will happen. the response is they need to raise tax on top income earners. no politician wants to run for office with any tax increase as part of their platform. megyn: if you look at the cbo report, it says the defend city dilemma would be solved to a large extent if the bush-era tax cuts were eliminated. but it says if you do that our growth projections will be
2:05 pm
severely impacted. it doesn't give fodder to the administration to its tax hike argument on the rich. >> when you have growth expected 1.1% on the gdp. if you are looking at potentially 9.2% unemployment as this report says, in two years if we go into recession we are well back to 10% and we spiral down. the report kind of speaks out of both sides of their mouths. it could put us back in a recession at same time. from the administration standpoint they are kind of screwed, to be honest with you. megyn: the white house will look to the republicans. president obama and john boehner tried to reach the grand bargain last summer and they failed. both sides were entrenched in
2:06 pm
their position. does it work for the president to blame the republicans or vice versa? >> the president can run against washington but it's hard for him not to be seen as part of washington. if there is paralysis on this issue voters will blame all the incumbents, including the guy in the white house. megyn: faceoff in florida in what is not you biggest presidential contest to date. a winter take all primary and the top gop contenders are doing last-minute campaigning. trying to win over the undecideds. a win for mitt romney seems the his status and a front runner. but newt gingrich vows to stay in the race no matter what happens today. florida is the fourth most popular state just behind new
2:07 pm
york. it has the third most of any in the united states. it can decide an election. whichever gop candidate wins this primary takes 50 delegates with him into the rest of the campaign. that's why in part they are fighting so hard. newt gingrich campaigning at heir to the reagan movement, a position bolstered by a 1995 speech by former first lady nancy reagan at goldwater institute. >> barry goldwater handed the torch to ronnie and ronnie turned that torch over to newt and the republican members of congress to keep that dream alive. megyn: but new reports say that comment was taken out of context. that mrs. reagan was speaking about congress in general and not newt gingrich specifically. michael reagan has endorsed newt gingrich in this race. we head on last week to talk
2:08 pm
about this. now they are saying your mom, she may have said that, but she didn't mean it. she wasn't passing the torch to newt. what say you? >> it was to newt and the congress in general. they had just taken over the congress for the first time in 40 years. so she was passing that torch onto newt and the republicans who in fact came in with that big win back in 1994. so newt says -- and he was talking about carrying on the reagan tradition before anybody found that video out there of nancy, i had forgot brand-new that video. all he is saying he wants to go back to that tradition. he was there, he remembers it. he fought for those values in the 1980s and wants to carry it into this year 2012. megyn: newt gingrich said look
2:09 pm
at what nancy reagan said. do you think he overstates it? >> he was saying it and then the video came out and said look what nancy reagan said. it said what he has been saying, that he's a reagan supporter. nancy doesn't get involved in political campaign as that much about it's a nice thing for newt to have. i'm on the trail with newt to say here is someone who lives up to the values of ronald reagan, he has been doing so since he left office. he has been uplifting the americans foundation. he speaks at the library on a regular basis and does those kinds of things. he says i want to carry on those traditions that was a good time for the united states of america, not a bad time for the united states of america. he understands when republicans run conservatives they win
2:10 pm
presidential elections, when they run moderate they lose. megyn: you were on this program before you made an endorsement and said they would have considered my dad a moderate. do you think mitt romney is more moderate than your dad was when he ran? >> absolutely. my father was already considered conservative. the word conservative hasn't gone with mitt romney until lately. you are not going to get elected in massachusetts as a conservative. but the word conservative was always with ronald reagan unless you want to talk about the years he was a liberal democrat back in the 1930s and 1940s. but since then he's been a conservative republican. there are people who are saying things about newt gingrich who would say the same things about
2:11 pm
ronald reagan, newt gingrich was not a reagan conservative and they would say ronald reagan today may not be a reagan conservative if they wanted to tear apart ronald reagan and everything he did as president or governor of the state of california. megyn: now we know we jumped the shark when people are arguing ronald reagan wasn't a reagan conservative. >> i say that because i see what they are saying and i see the reason they are saying it. i'm very familiar with my father's record as governor and president. the way the media and politics is now, there is nothing we have ever done that's safe. so everything is taken. megyn: they check the boxes where you stand. michael reagan, thank you, sir. >> thank you. megyn: senator rick santorum trying to focus on florida and the next contest already in nevada. all this as his baby girl recovers with a brush with
2:12 pm
death. she is in serious condition in the intensive care unit. what he's saying about little bella today. ar half a billion dollars being spent to train people to work in green industry. we'll show i how many people this program put to work. the president's answer to this woman's question says about jobs in america. >> can i ask you what kind of engineer your husband is? >> a semi conductor engineer. >> it is interesting to me -- i meant what i said, if you send me your husband's resume i would be interested in finding out what's happening right there, because the word we are getting is somebody in that kind of high-tech field, that kieng of engineer should be able to find something right away. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
2:13 pm
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megyn: a new investigation into president obama's green jobs initiative. a mouse committee is demanding answers on what the administration did with a half billion in grants for green job training. it promised to train 120,000 people and promised jobs or hoped to have jobs for 80,000 of them. instead less than 53,000 people went through training and 8,000 people went to work. joining me now, fox business network's eric bolling. he's also cohost of "the five." the inspector general recommended they close this ram and return the unspent dough. >> we don't know how much is unspent so far. $500 million.
2:17 pm
another half billion of taxpayer money going towards the green agenda. it seems to be a black hole our money is going into. last week $120 million. if you add up these and the loan on the west coast, you are talking $3 billion. the left is crying over the oil loopholes. they are making a big points of the energy loan. which by the way, the other fossil fuel loans, the oil company loans actually bring the price of fuel down. megyn: they say they tried to train people, but there was one company in rochester, new york.
2:18 pm
they said, we took $2.3 million out of our $8 million grant and trained 25 people. we tried to train 660 people, they say -- they say they couldn't do it because, you know, things went south in the economy. than was a moratorium and natural gas drilling and funding constraints halted the city's home construction program. >> they were given $8 million to train people. they said they were going to train 660 people. megyn: this was the stimulus money. >> the economy was horrible back then. there was no surprise that the economy was bad. >> meanwhile they pitched the department of energy for
2:19 pm
training 660 people. they said we need $8 million. we'll train 660. megyn: those 25 must be well trained. >> the program is set up to train 125,000 people, 8,000 have jobs. that's 6.4% any way you slice it, a lot of money going down the drain. megyn: according to our brain room in solar energy direct federal subsidies have increased by 534%. but solar energy production has only increased by 35%. same thing for wind. subjects does up 947, but wind energy up 174. geothermal? the direct federal subsidies are up 1,850, but the production in
2:20 pm
geothermal energy is down 39%. what does this say about the green jobs and the green energy programs? >> these should be done in experimental labs in the private sector. they want to play around with geothermal and wind energy, they are just not viable to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. megyn: how do we get them viable if we don't invest. >> the taxpayers shouldn't be doing it. it should be the private equity investors saying as prices go higher we need to try something to see if wind energy works. wind energy doesn't work because its on works where it's windy. megyn: that's free engineering. >> you want to spend money on something that might actually help the economy and help our dependence on foreign energy? find a battery. go towards batteries.
2:21 pm
megyn: i love that you are still in favor of batteries even though -- even though you apparently have been ripping on the chevy volt so they sent you a chevy volt to ride around in and your volt ran out of juice in the lincoln tunnel. >> boom, power gone, i had to switch over to gas. it turns out if you put the heater on while you are driving, it drains the battery. megyn: this is not going to end well. the tsa is facing tough questions after agents find what looks like two pipe bombs. what happens next is making national headlines. he had his day off, now matthew broderick is back. "for is buehler" making a comeback on super bowl sunday.
2:22 pm
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
megyn: new developments on the fight brewing between the white house and catholic leaders over the president's healthcare law. catholic leaders are upset over a healthcare mandate that requires insurance plans to cover birth control. priests across the country very upset about this. priests read letters aloud from the pulpit talking about how this infringes on religious freedom. >> my question would be how does the administration justify having the federal government institute a law that basically forces people to violate their
2:26 pm
religious beliefs. >> that misrepresents about the decision about the implementation. >> the decision was maid as we said in the past after very careful consideration. and the administration believes that this strikes the appropriate balance between respecting religious beliefs and increasing access to important preventative services. it's important to go to your point that this approach does not signal any change at all in the administration's policy on conscience protections. the president and this administration have expressed strong support for conscience exemptions. also to healthcare providers. the administration has provided $2 billion to catholic
2:27 pm
organizations in addition to non-financial partnerships that serve the common good. megyn: ed henry asks him that question and it was clearly a written response that jay carney had prepared it is extraordinary to have catholic priests across the country read something saying we'll not comply with this law from the pulpit on sunday mass. across the nation. so you can see the white house responding saying they believe they have struck the appropriate balance. the priests in the catholic church have spoke on that saying how is it the appropriate balance is to delay eight months to a year to violate our conscience. they were not happy with that so-called balance. you heard bill donohue say this is not over, not by a long shot.
2:28 pm
we are taking your thoughts on it at new controversy for the tsa over a major safety scare that one u.s. airport. agents find what looks like two pipe bombs during an x-ray scan. about it's what they did or did not do with those objects that has many people concerned. rick? >> this story sounds worse than it might be. agents followed protocol. but when there is a shift change it turns out the term crew should let the late crew know about the suspicious pipes in the bin. a man's bag goes through the x-ray machine but tsa agents spot these. what appear to be springs inside, so a supervisor is called to questions the passenger who says these are for
2:29 pm
homeopathic medicine. they are set aside in a screening area with the other con cities skated stuff and sit there until 3:00 p.m. until the afternoon crew arrives. the bomb squad takes them away and confirms they are not a threat. the tsa says the on problem involves a lack of communication during the shift change. these devices were spotted during the screening and deemed safe. the tsa said the pipes weren't allowed on the plane because they looked like bombs. the port authority police department tells me lack of notification is an ongoing issue. megyn: they would have done it but rand paul was there again. you know what a problem he cause in these airports. >> if you have a pipe that looks like a pipe bomb, don't leave it
2:30 pm
sitting to the side. megyn: if you see something, say something. that applies to the tsa agents. yesterday we showed you the powerful story of bella santorum, rick santorum's daughter getting national attention after coming down with pneumonia in both lungs. she has a condition called trisomy 18. a video chat with the president takes an awkward turn. what is this woman's question about her husband' status say about the president's vision for u.s. jobs as he campaigns for reelection. >> given the list you are getting. we are not getting that. you said in the state of the union address for business leaders to ask themselves what can they do to bring jobs back to america. you know when i grow up, i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter.
2:31 pm
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2:35 pm
santorum's 3-year-old daughter bella. she suffers from a rare condition. he left the campaign trail when she contracted pneumonia in both lungs. rick santorum said it has been a tough 36 hours but bella should be out of the hospital in the next couple days. >> she is doing very well. i want to thank everybody out there for all those prayers. she had a tough 36 hours. megyn: he must have as well. he was on fox and "friends" this morning and he came from colorado. shepard will be on at 6:00 p.m. and at 8:00 p.m. eastern bret and i will be on as the polls close. we hope you will be with us as the results come in live and you can follow results and pundits online at
2:36 pm
the economy and job growth. big issues in 2012. during a white house live chat on google, a woman whose husband is unemployed took the president to task over this. take a listen to this exchange. >> my husband has an engineering degree with over 10 years of experience. an was laid off three years ago and has yet to find a permanent job in his skills. my question to you is why does the government continue to issue and extend h 1-rbgs b visas when there are hundreds of americans just like ply husband with no job. >> jennifer, i don't know your husband's specialty, but there is a huge demand around the country for engineers. now, obviously there are different kinds of engineers. a civil engineer right now may
2:37 pm
not be getting as much work because we are not building our infrastructure as much as we should. which is part of the reason in the state of the union i said let's put folks to work not just construction workers but engineers and architects rebuilding our roads and bridges. where you are seeing a lot of specialized demand is in engineering related to the high-tech industries. now, what industry tells me is that they don't have enough highly skilled engineers. if your husband is in that field then we should get his resume and i'll forward it to some of these companies saying they can't find enough engineers in this field. it will vary. but as a basic matter, there is a huge demand for engineers. megyn: they went on from there.
2:38 pm
thank you both for being here. brad, i thought your view on this was interesting. you told our producers you thought the president said he loves to campaign, he feeds off adoration and the moment he is challenged he gets defensive and uncomfortable. >> i think president was not only uncomfortable, he didn't answer the question directly with regard to visas. that that is a problem, we are encouraging on thers to come in when there are people like her husband who can't find work. and he's aloof and flat footed surprised to be hearing an american would be questioning the president with regard to joblessness when unemployment is above 8%. and the people that have supported the president the most our inner cities are double that. i happen to think the president gets defensive when he's put beyond the script, beyond the
2:39 pm
teleprompter and he has to think on his feet. megyn: do you think it was a messaging problem for him to respond as opposed to feeling her pain saying there is a huge demand and why don't you send me your husband's resume. >> i didn't think the president seemed defensive. the reality is there are two problems we have in the country. the first problem is they are 3 million jobs open right now. the second problem is as it relates to engineering, the president is right. we only produce 120,000 college graduates a year with engineering degree. china produces a million college graduates with evening yearing degrees. megyn: she is saying her husband is an engineer and can't get a job because we are granting visas to people from other countries and they are take the jobs and she wants to know why we are doing that? >> there is a skill short
2:40 pm
imagine this country. while her husband is a special case, we didn't get a lot of information in terms of what the background is which i think is fine for the president to ask for the resume so he can see what the issues are. there have been employers discriminating against people who have been unemployed for a long time. that's something the president has tried to tackle for the tax credits to hire people who have been long-term unemployed. megyn: you have given a solid sort of structural substantive defense of the president's answer. i'm talking about something more turned amountal. just a visceral response. when you watch the exchange does he feel her pain? would president clinton or bush responded in that same way? >> i think he showed an aloofness to jennifer's plight that is clearly puts the president in an uncomfortable position.
2:41 pm
instead of feeling her pain he gives her an answer that doesn't answer her question as to why is america allowing foreigners to come in here and take jobs from americans when there are americans willing, able and qualified to do those jobs. the president ignores the question and gave her a patent response. after the interview she said she didn't think the president understood her question or felt her pain. megyn: she said she did think she sum stumped him. is this a problem for president obama in terms of messaging? is this what he's talking about? whether you like the answer or don't like the answer -- people didn't like the healthcare law, the administration told hem, you don't understand it, now this woman says my husband is unemployed and he says there is a huge demand. so is it just a failure to
2:42 pm
connect on what someone is need to go hear? >> she did say as you points out that she didn't think the president was being insensitive. megyn: she said i don't think was trying to be con desend or insense tough. but he wanted me to hush up. >> the problem is complex. i think the spin coming from republicans is the president is aloof. the reality is the president wants job training programs to insure more americans have the skills to fill these 3 million jobs. so i think there is a little bit of politics being played from the republicans who are fighting. at the same time, the president has had -- to answer your question, there had been some issues with communication and perception is reality. so the president does need to tread carefully and insure it's clear to people that he does understand what they are going through their specific case.
2:43 pm
i think the fact that he did this google chat is a good way forward. megyn: brad? >> the president talked about outsourcing american jobs. yet he's insource foreign labor to take jobs away from americans. you can't have it both ways. that's what she tried to pin the president down on. megyn: it's hard to refuse the president when he calls you up and said take a look at barry. coming up. a mother abandons her children, a 2-year-old and 4-year-old at a gas station. now she has been charged with child abuse. but wait until you hear her defense next in "kelly's court" when we are joined by an expert witness.
2:44 pm
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. an abandoned van with two young children inside and the mother claims she can't remember leaving them. hartfield left her children parked in a van at a gas station in colorado. 12 hours later she shows up at a hospital in denver 12 miles away claiming she cannot remember anything. plus there is a handgun missing from the family home. now she is charged with child abuse. joining me now, criminal defense attorney joey jackson and mercedes colwin. she has an interesting defense it appears which is what? >> she may have had a psychotic episode. she had a history of insomnia and a history of severe migraine made aches. as a result of that she could black out and not remember
2:48 pm
legitimately what occurred. her keys are in the car. her cell phone tonight car, her bag is in the car. it wouldn't seem there was anything ill. she simply could not remember what occurred. i think we need to get to the root of the problem as opposed to prosecuting her. megyn: yet she has been charged with child abuse. she apparently told this story to police and they did not accept it. >> she was so detailed everything she did that morning. the fact that she put the kids in the car. drove to the gas station and suddenly has no recollection whatsoever. she wasn't disoriented which is why the officers said something very fishy about this. if she is going to claim she had some sort of episode, she couldn't be so clear with details she suddenly forgot about her children. that's why law enforcement jumped on it. megyn: yet while all of us
2:49 pm
sitting here have slaw degrees, none of us have a medical degree. that's where we bring in our expert witness, dr. manny alvarez. i'll let the prosecution -- i chained my mind. joey, you can cross-examine dr. manny first. >> under normal circumstances a person may become confuses. >> that's correct. >> a person may becomes disoriented. >> that is right. >> a person can become forgetful. >> true. >> if you add to that a person has insome any a might that enhance their lack of memory? >> insome any a by itself would not explain the 12 hours that she forgot everything. i don't think insomnia is really the reason behind this period of memory loss. >> what about if you have migraine headaches another and
2:50 pm
they are severe enough, might they cause neurological trauma? >> migraines could be isolated as migraines. and there could be other medical conditions like epilepsy. migraines could be unique to themselves or part after bigger picture. >> in the event she had a seizure and blacked out because of that seizure might that explain her period of disorientation and lack of memory? >> it could happen. it's not usually the case that you have 12 hours of lapsed memory. but it has been reported that long-term memory through many, many hours can occur from an epileptic attack. megyn: we'll have to leave it at that because mercedes who is representing the possible dmiewtion our "kelly's court" will have her crack at doctor after this break.
2:51 pm
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>> we haved the chance for the possible cue more this case to cross examine the expert witness. >> an individual that shows absolutely no disorientation when giving details of what occurred on that particular day and time, isn't that inconsistent with the theory they suffered some sort of seizure? >> to document seizures you have to do extensive workup in the hospital. you have to look at electrical waves and the metabolic picture of the individual. but there are psychotic episodes that are unique to time and
2:55 pm
place. in this person you could be dealing with postpartum psychosis. even though her children are 2 and 4. you could have a bipolar * person where they don't recognize what they are doing and allege they have no recollection of the facts. so it could be time specific. and therefore they can remember what they did in the morning and not what they did for eight or six hours. >> wouldn't you agree with me that someone with crystal clear recollection of facts leading up to the suspicious abandonment of her children. there is no history of psychosis or seizures, that's inconsistent with someone who claims they have a neurological disorder? >> there is a lot of women that live in silence when it comes to the depression, psychotic episodes and bipolar disorders.
2:56 pm
thousands of women. so this woman may have a lot of psychological issues that she never spoke about and the husband didn't know anything about and explode this particular incident. megyn: that's enough, dr. manny. here is the one thing i want to leave with you. the womb answer wallet, cell phone and keys were found in the car. wouldn't you admit that suggests maybe she had something going on? that suggests to me she was not in her right mind. >> it may be. but it's so odd she would leave those children but had such clear details of what happened up to that point. something was definitely wrong. megyn: they are examining her right now. she may be out of the woods yet. we'll be right back.
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>>megyn: big feels today, 10 years


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